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Alirghty. So this should have probably gone into the MSR community, but I will sooo show it here on my Journal.

So the design was originally done by Laura, of the MSA and then my friend took the idea after I described the first pictures to her and made it bigger and everything.

So I would like to thank Laura for the original design. MUAH! Thank you so much! You have helped out uniform come along so much quicker than it would have.

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This would be the front. You can notice the little things that my friend showed in the pic, such as the pocket and what not.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The back! Oh how I love the back!!!! I love the whole idea about our MSR uniforms, and I really can not wait to have them commissioned.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Alright this is just little details that she put on a third page. If we decide to give Vic and Travis a Uniform we can give them the pants version ^.^ It will be the same colors and all, so yep yep!!!

I hope you guys like those as much as I do. Lol I am really excited to see it come all together like it has. Next time there is a competition between RR and MSA you know we can so be there in our uniforms, lol!

Thanks again to Laura for the original idea. I thank you SOOO MUCH!!!

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