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Oh so Pissed


Now it's my turn to rant.

So I found these comments on my friends Journal. You know..people can be such fuckin assholes. I knew I hated the bitch before I read all this stuff. I don't care who reads this fuckin entry and see's this. But you know what it is about time somebody knows what is going on.

The RR chatroom used to be so much fun. I loved it there, and then I started getting treated like shit. They were all so nice and sweet when Vic was around, but then whyen he was gone...POOF they are back again. Not that I don't get along with some of them, but there are a few I could care less about.

The one I am talking about left a few rude messages on my FRIENDS journal. all I have to say IF YOU DON'T FUCKIN WANT HER GOING TO YOUR DAMN JOURNAL DON'T POST ON HERS. Good lord are you that stupid. She's lucky I don't go invade her fuckin journal. I could care less if the bitch banned me. I am trying to make peace with some of the Rangers I didn't get along with, but I won't bother with her.

Making a whole DAMN VOICE file about stalkers is uncalled for. SHE WANTED TO TRY AND BE YOUR FRIEND! That is not fuckin stalking. It's your own damn fault you don't have it friends only. So stop being a damn bitch.

I apologtize for those who read this and get confused. But I needed to rant. I am tired of being the nice quiet person that sits back and get bullied. I'm sorry but nobody will shut me up now.

I apologize for the language as well. When I get angry, I use the bad language. This will most likely be the last post like this.

Have a nice day. I lobve you all!

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