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Late Con Report: Anime Evolution Day one

Ok well this is very very late since I got back like two weeks ago but I was thinking about starting one of these anyways. So here it goes.

Anime Evolution ROCKED! ok thats the bottom line. We met some great people there and had so much fun. Saturday was great becuase it was the start of the con and everyone was just crazy! We went to quite a few panels the whole weekend and I got to meet SCOTT MCNEIL! I like FROZE when i went to meet him and I have never done that before! But I got his autograph and got him to say stuff for me, which rocked. and then we went to the panels.

The first panel was with Kirby Morrow, Alister Abell and Scott Mcneil. Very funny. I laughed the whole time. They like to make fun of scott for being so late! Alister Abell put "Kirby is Sexy" on the chalk board behind them and when Scott walked in he put "Scot has sexy biceps" it was so awesome.

My friend was in her Kagome costume and they said something about Kirby being more sexy and she yelled out "I think your better looking!" and Scott stood up and walked over to her and sat on her lap. It was so HILLARIOUS!

All that day we were waiting for Chanel(Adonis) to get to the con. Well during the panel before Scotts she FINALLY came and I had to leave and run out to meet her, which was no problem at all. So I RAN in my MSR uniform as fast as I could without getting getting sick again and met up with her. The first thing I did was give her a hug becuase from what I knew it was a day in hell for her. I got her back to the panel room in time for Vics panel and then I had to run to my dorm room. It took forever.

When I did get back I was about 15 minutes late and went to sat down and Sam started talking to me, telling me what I missed. Apparently Vic had called Chanel up to the front and had done something to her to make her look the other way and kissed her cheek! AND I MISSED IT. But when I walked in he just stopped what he was doing and went "Hi Pyro" as I sat down. From what Sam told me later he had asked where I was at the beginning of the panel.

Halfway through I held up a stack of ranger cards shyly and he studdly started talking about them. Here is how the convo went...mostly with Vic..and me turning red..

Vic: Oh yes! Thank you Pyro. You see this young lady here in the uniform. She is a part of a mutated group between the Risembool Rangers and the Miniskirt army, and the call themselves the MINISKIRT RANGERS! Well, she is one of my dear dear rangers and she has some business cards. So if you are interested she has them.

Sam: (during the speech) Stand up stand up!

Me: (Stands up)

So yeah...that was my little shine for a moment..and I hate getting stared at by crowds..but its getting to be less and less with each con I go to becuase groups I am with do get alot of attention.

Anyways. We sat through the panel and at the end we gave him the presents from the MSR. It was awesome. He opened the gifts and then noticed Chanel was upset a bit and asked me what was wrong and all I could really say was she had a bad day. BUT ALAS! Pyro made her laugh, and she hugged Vics leg MUWAHAHAH heheh. And we got a group pic with Vic.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I got her to smile so I was happy, and after that we went and just hung out in the hallway for about an hour. Now we got so many odd looks and Chanel got into my other costume..which was way big on her. but it was hillarious. Here are a few pics from the hallway.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I will have to get the one where she glomped me later...too lazy to upload it right now. After just hanging out Sam and I walked Chanel back to her car where we couldn't find her boyfriend..apparently he went looking for her inside the con while we were walking back out to where he was lol.

Anyways..that was the first day of the con..I will do the second and third day tomorrow since they aren't as long, but it is HILLARIOUS for Sunday.
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